What more to ask from a companion of your free time? our new selection of haflingers asked for much more: keep analtered these and other not less important characteristics, tide, robustness, resistance, frugality, derived from it's rustic origins but biologicaly defined to adapt it to modern needs of horse riding.
Scrupulously following a strictly selection we have obtained horses with a vivacious and decisive temperament but equilibrated and easy to manage.Combining this excellent movement, comfortable and elastic, we have horses which are all very adapted to all of those disciplines that requires great physical and psychological stability. Since a few years we see the haflingers always more involved in all the disciplines of modern horse riding, domstrating in this way the versability and competiveness of the breed.
If this is not enough, come and look for yourself! The elegance and the slightness, the golden brown coat and the characteristic light mane, leave nothing to envy of his arab forebear. On top of all this he continues to be that, which he has always been: the friend you can trust.