In 1982 two sweet blond mares named Dalia and Erica, arrived on our farm. They where meant to have the simple job maintaining our olive's groves but we fell in love of their vivacity and friendliness and we started to get interested in this wonderful breed, that, up till then, we had known only as farm animals. They grew up spoiled by the hole family until they reached the age of marriage. From then our stable was born and today we have 6 horses that give us much satisfaction, both in shows and in pure enjoyment.
The Mariti stable has 16 confortable boxes plus many huts where we keep our mares and colts in wide enclosures on land which is in part wood in part olives groves. Here our colts run, play and grow up healthy and robust, looked after by qualified staff. In our stable nothing is left to chance. The feed, for example, is rationed by a nutritional expert who follows up the individual needs of each horse, in all the delicate phases of grouth and maintenance, using only the best feeds.
A healthy environment and controlled food are fondamental for the well being of our horses which are in excellent health and are costantly checked by our vet..